What is Graffiti?

Graffiti creates a digital layer for multimedia expression over the entire Internet. The Beta release is a Chrome extension that brings familiar digital markup tools (like Snapchat) to every website. When you create Graffiti is will appear when other users visit the same URL. You can also easily share Graffiti through your social media channels for non-Graffiti users to see.

Who can see my Graffiti?

Any other Graffiti user that visits the same URL will have the option to view the Graffiti you created. They can click to see your Graffiti Profile and see your history of Graffiti as well.

What if my friends do not use Graffiti?

When you share Graffiti via your existing social media platforms your social media friends can discover your Graffiti without being a user or visiting the URL.

How do I see Graffiti created by others?

When you are browsing the Internet and visit a URL where Graffiti already exists, your Graffiti icon in the top right corner will display a small number showing the number of Graffiti available. Click on the Graffiti icon first and then the Viewing icon to show a list of Graffiti you can review in more detail.

What if I see violent, sexual or abusive Graffiti?

All public Graffiti has a REPORT button on it. If you feel the Graffiti violates our terms and conditions (http://www.graffitiover.com/tp) press the REPORT button and we will promptly review and remove the offending Graffiti and potentially kick the user off of Graffiti based on the violation.

Do I have to register?

No. You can create and view Graffiti without registering but you will not be able to build your own Graffiti Profile page or use filters to limit the Graffiti you see.

Can I post anonymously?

Yes. All unregistered guests post anonymously and we will soon offer the option to post the Internet anonymously for registered users. If registered users post anonymously it will not go into their Profile.

How do I see my history of Graffiti?

When you click the Graffiti icon in the upper right corner you will see your profile logo on the right. When you click that you will see your Profile page including your Graffiti archive.

Does Graffiti work with all websites?

Yes, even websites without comment sections. The publishers don’t have to add any code to make Graffiti available.

Can I filter the Graffiti I see?

We will soon offer the ability to Follow and Block other Graffiti users so you can manage the Graffiti you see while Browsing and that will appear on your Profile page Graffiti Feed.

Can I comment on Graffiti?

When you click on someone else’s Graffiti it opens up and presents to option for text commenting below which is shared with the user. You can also just click the Graffiti icon and add your own digital expression on top of their Graffiti.

How do I know if people commenting on my Graffiti?

When other people comment on your Graffiti is will show up in the Notifications section on your Profile.

Can I delete a Graffiti?

Not yet but coming soon you will be able to view your archive in My Stream and delete Graffiti that you created.

Why would I ever want to use the text-based commenting platforms again?

You wouldn’t.