open graffiti

Open Graffiti

Start Graffiti by clicking on the extension icon in the upper right corner to see three options: Create Graffiti, View Graffiti (with a counter for existing Graffiti) and Profile.

create graffiti

Create Graffiti

Add any number of text boxes, images, emojis, drawings and shapes on top of any website. Easy to use tools to change colors, size, font and to duplicate or delete Graffiti elements.

publish graffiti

Publish Graffiti

Select “Publish”, then crop the image and select Next to complete publishing to the Internet for that URL. You then have the option to share via social media accounts or save to your computer.

View Graffiti

The Graffiti icon will show how many Graffiti have been created for the URL you are viewing. Selecting to view will show thumbnails of the Graffiti which you can click to enlarge and comment on.

Graffiti Profile

Your Profile displays your history of Graffiti, comments on your Graffiti and your profile settings where you can link to your other social media accounts for easier sharing.